A recent study carried out at the annual Comptel User Group, in Berlin, showed that the most providers are pretty optimistic regarding the potential of the telecom sector. What’s more 8 out of 10 respondents seemed pretty sure that this segment won’t  be hit too hard by depression.


The survey polled telecom experts from all over the globe on issues like telecom industry growth in 2009, performance and economic recovery. Thanks to the poll, we learn that carriers in emerging markets handled the depression better than those on established markets and also that mobile service providers were hit less hard than broadband operators and fixed telephony providers.

About two thirds of the respondents claimed that the area with the highest growth will be mobile broadband, or so it seems, for the next 18 months. The same study showed that cutting operating costs, while keeping the service quality high seems to be the most popular and challenging measure to be taken by carriers in this downturn.

[via Cellular News]