Google has been praising the good house that their older application Google Maps makes with the Android system. They tried to show just how good it replaces GPS and can become a great solution for easily finding specific locations.


Android Product Manager David Conway played around with a touchscreen phone running on Android and showed that users can pan around and zoom in and out easily using just their thumb. The mobile phone brings all the Google Maps functions that are available on the laptop screen.

G1 makes it possible to save search results to contacts and use them later on after storing the map. The audience for such a feature is large and also includes business people who travel a great deal of time and who usually return to the same cities for their work.

Even better, Android is an open platform, which allows developers to bring their own contribution. Google Maps has a huge potential for even better adapting to mobile use and someone might have already started working on that as we speak.

[via: webpronews]

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