Satellite operator Thuraya just announced the launch of a dual mode handset, that works on both GSM networks and on satellite. Thuraya is a very popular brand in conflict zones, especially among journalists and officials, apparently. Thuraya is a very big name and a leader in the mobile satellite industry. Meet the XT Dual handset:


This device is an extension to the Thuraya XT phone, that was considered to the world’s toughest satellite phone. Thus, this model is also pretty resilient, being protected against splash water, dust and impact. It also has a IP64/IK03 rating attached to it, so it’s a rugged handheld device, that’s supposed to endure tough conditions. Satellite calls can still be received when the antenna is stowed, thanks to t e High Penetration Alerting function.

The Thuraya XT-Dual also comes with a built in web browser and can be connected to a laptop or PC for Internet access and also synced with the computer. Thuraya is the only satellite operator with roaming capabilities for GSM Consumers, so you can choose to use a Thuraya SIM card or simply access their network by inserting your GSM SIM card of choice. Sadly, I have no info on this price for this gadget, but I guess it’s pretty big…

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