There’s a new video available, showing the features of the TouchFLO 3D interface, version 2.5, build 1920. The video tour is available below and you should know that this version of TouchFLO 3D is called HTC Sense in the Today Settings. The folks of XDA Developers are responsible for messing with this build:

Turns out that this version will be released on HTC HD2 and it seems that most screens don’t work in landscape, so they aren’t supported on a Touch Pro2, for example. Among the differences and improvements in comparison with the 1919 build there’s a weather animation demo from the main screen, plus new splash screens that represent HTC’s Quietly Brilliant campaign, a new and easier way to remove cities from the Weather tab and more.

The scroll bars for non-HTC programs are thinner, while Settings have been more deeply integrated, including a new “Pocket mode” and “Quiet ring on pickup” settings. There’s also a new Mobile WiFi router program turning the handset into a hotspot in this build.

[via Pocketnow]