Trimble is not a great name in the phone manufacturing biz, but they do cover a niche of folks working in pretty tough conditions and always in need of tough handsets. The company has just launched two new devices, in the Juno series: Juno SB and Juno SC.

Both phones come with WiFi support, Bluetooth, a 3 megapixel camera, 128MB internal memory and a microSDHC slot. There’s also a 3.5 inch display on the specs list, a 533 MHz CPU and a decent battery that should last about a day. Having a tool belt when working is a very handy thing to have to put this device on during field work. As Bob Robinson, a tool enthusiast from BestOfMachinery said, “Having a good quality tool belt can be as helpful as having a second pair of hands when you’re working on construction or DIY projects.” This is especially true when you have quite a few tools you need to carry with you in most times.

Juno SB also includes a GPS, while the SC model supports 3.5G data and both handsets run Windows Mobile 6.1. No price mentioned yet…

[via Engadget Mobile]