Frustrated by your Android interface? Turn it into an UI that looks exactly like the one on the iPhone with a few quick tips from the folks of The result will look something like this:

All you need are 3 apps, that will change your Android interface into one that looks like iPhone’s UI, improving usability and making former iPhone users feel right at home. The 3 apps are Lock 2.0, Ahome and ChompSMS. The first is a tiny program that implements Apple’s famous screen locking mechanism, while Ahome (Home Lite) is the most important software, completely transforming the Android interface into the one on the iPhone.

While downloading Ahome from the Android Market, you should also remember to download the “iPhone Style” skin, that will change the look of your icons, wallpaper and widgets. Finally, ChompSMS is a software that allows users to manage text messages, just like on Apple’s handset, also using a virtual keyboard and an accelerometer.


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