All sorts of recent posts on the internet talk about how Google will treat the Nexus program starting this year. The latest rumors state that multiple Nexus devices from leading manufacturers in the smartphones industry, including Samsung, HTC (Nexus 5), Sony and LG with its Optimus Nexus in quad-core configuration, are preparing a Google Nexus device to be announced this year.


Whether the  rumors about the Nexus devices arriving this year are true or not, we can not say for certain. What we do know is that Google will hold an event at the end of this month, on October 29th. The thematic for the event is the Android OS and it is expected that at least one new device in the Nexus smartphone chategory will be announced.

The Unofficial Galaxy Nexus page on the social network Google Plus speaks in a post about the upcoming Nexus devices. They say that the  younger brothers of the Galaxy Nexus are comming one year after the official launch of the current Nexus smartphone. We are 10 days away from the official Google event and in this period we can expect a lot of rumors about the new Nexus device(s). How many of these are true, we’ll find out soon.

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