Some companies out there work hard to develop technologies and earn patents for them, while others simply get their hands on patents and act like patent trolls. This may be the case with Tessera Technologies, that recently sued HTC and ASUS for infringements of their patents.


We’re talking about semiconductor equipment patents and associated technologies. To the news of the suits, HTC refused to comment, while ASUS claimed that they value intellectual property rights and they’re “working to understand the problem”. They also promised to cooperate with the investigation. Tessera also had similar beefs with Broadcom and Avago and in general it’s chipset technology that’s bothering them.

The United Startes International Trade Commission accepted the charges brought forth by Tessera and its subsidiary Invensas, so the ball got rolling. High frequency component packaging technology patents are involved here. The list of companies involved in the case is very large and includes makes of semiconductor products.

Basically I don’t even consider this to be HTC or ASUS’s fault, but rather the one of their partners that supplied the chips. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to a ban of sales.


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