What at first seemed just a very cool Motorola Android smartphone, is turning into a series of devices. Verizon is all about Android now, specially since they’ve signed a deal with Google, just recently. First of all, Droid will become the name of all Verizon Android devices, not a single phone…


Next, you should know that Moto Sholes/Tao is part of the Droid series and yes, you can call it the Droid, without making too much of a mistake. HTC Desire will be released as Droid Eris, via the same carrier and if this branding doesn’t seem familiar, know that it’s the Greek goddess of strife to lend its name for it.

Eris will be released on November 6, while the October 28 event will be all about Sholes. Lots of Android fun coming in the next weeks. Can you handle it?

[via Engadget Mobile]

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