iPhone 4 Apple PR ImageThe Wall Street Journal has a piece on the neverending Verizon iPhone story, this time backing up the new version with some solid info. It appears that AT&T will lose its hold over the Apple handset, that will be sold by Verizon next year. This makes the carrier an interesting option, considering its impressive number of Android devices.


Q1 2011 is what the company is going for and we learn that the iPhone 4 will look exactly like the one sold by AT&T, but it will be based on “an alternative wireless technology”. AT&T and Apple had their own exclusive arrangement dating from back in 2007 and it seems to be ending now, if the Verizon deal is real.

The carrier’s officials have been meeting with Apple officials, testing its network and preparing for the heavy burden it’ll take once iPhone users are on board. At least so says a person familiar with the matter… In the meantime, Apple is working on its fifth gen iPhone model, that’ll adopt a different form factor, according to a source inside the biz.

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