Matthew Miller from the ZDNet blog decided to do an interesting experiment, that involves handing over Microsoft Kin One and Two units to his teen daughters. It’s interesting to hear what the target audience has to say about these devices, created by Microsoft, manufactured by Sharp and sold by Verizon:


The daughter who uses a HTC Touch Diamond and Samsung Gravity gets the Kin One, while the teen who owns a Sidekick LX get the Verizon Kin Two, since its design it similar to the LX’s. Notice the tubular packaging in the video above and the tough time the blonde teen had with inserting the battery into the Kin One slot.

These Verizon phones don’t require SIM cards and the quick judgement regarding the Kin One is that it’s very small and plasticky. The Kin Two looks rather well, it’s plasticky as well, but big enough to satisfy a Sidekick fan. Its battery is wide and light and we’re looking forward to more input from the teens regarding their experience with the phones.

[via wmpoweruser]

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