As you know, Vivo launched the ultrathin X5Max handset today, a model that debuts the HiFi 2.0 architecture. The newcomer is already a pretty impressive device, at 4.75 mm in thickness, but let’s see how it’s doing on the acoustics side.



X5 Max comes with Hi-Fi 2.0 architecture, that compared to Hi-Fi 1.0, used on the Xplay 3S offers quite a few upgrades. For example, Hi-Fi 2.0 provides a new two op amp system, using the electronic properties of the voltage converter. The idea is to reduce signal loss as much as possible and make the sound cleaner. Lower distortion is achieved, as well as a crisper sound, with multiple levels of filtering.

Average distortion drops by 10 dB and the Vivo X5Max now comes with a OPA1612 audio output and a Yamaha YSS-205X sound processing chip. The product is priced at $485 and it’s supposed to reach as high as 120 dB, making it the best music phone in the world.




via mydrivers

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