The Vivo X5 Max is back in the news, ready to rival the Oppo R5 and its 4.75 mm waistline. The Vivo device has the same thickness, so it shares the current record of world’s thinnest smartphone with the Oppo unit. Today we get a brand new teaser of the X5 Max, that confirms the presence of a regular audio jack.



For a while we believed the jack would be sacrificed, together with the microSD card slot, like on the Oppo R5, but that’s not the case. Vivo’s chief marketing officer, Lei Feng used social networks to post these details. After all, we are dealing with a phone that offers HiFi audio, so it would be a pity to have that and not also have an audio jack. Apparently, the chip panel and motherboard area only managed to take up 1.77 mm in thickness from the whole device space.

The battle for world’s thinnest phone is still one, since at some point Vivo was also rumored to drop below 4 mm and Gionee has yet to answer the challenge. Before you see the Vivo and Oppo ultraslim phones as rivals, just think for a moment that they have the same parent company, BBK.


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