Even if the #bendgate buzz has gone for a while, this doesn’t means that the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus won’t going to bend in certain situations if we’re not using them properly. To come in our help, the Japanese company Abee launched a metal bumper for the phones in case.


Screenshot (1280)

As you can see from the pictures during this article, the bumpers are made out of metal, so the risk that your phone to get bend is reduced up to 100%. By fixing the bumper with some screws, the phone will be protected both from bending, as well from accidental drops that could affect the edges of the phone.

Screenshot (1278)

However, by using such a product, the rounded corners of the phone will be gone, and both the thickness and the weight of the device will increase significant. Would you get such a bumper case just so your iPhone 6 to stay straight?

Screenshot (1279)

via: chinese.vr-zone.com

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