There’s a new set of rumors in town, this time related to the Vivo Xplay5s, that’s said to include an unique fingerprint scanner. This one is integrated below the glass panel at the front, said the sources.



Vivo has been investing and researching this technology a lot, looking into security measures of all sorts. Just this week there was a teaser about a potential eye scanner on board of the Vivo X5Pro and now there’s talk of a fingerprint scanner embedded within the glass panel of the other Vivo unit, Xplay 5S. We have been hearing about such scanners even before the days of the iPhone 5s and originally that’s how we imagined the fingerprint authentication would go down.

Back then the screen panels weren’t thin enough and there wasn’t enough room to integrate such a sensor layer. CrucialTec is the leading developer in this area and in February this year it unveiled an under glass sensor of this type. Of course, everything is in rumor phase and considering we got a teaser about eye scanning, let’s stick with that for now. We’ll learn more in the coming week or so, when this model debuts. It will have a 6 inch Quad HD screen, Snapdragon 805 CPU and a 13 MP back camera.

via gforgames

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