This guy on YouTube, Steve Litchfield, just had some revelations in terms of mobile phone consumers and the right devices for each of them. You might be shocked by the fact that you are one of a few very well defined categories depending on habits when using a handset.


He says there is a Media Creator type of handset user, who, as the name says, uses his phone for creating media. Nokia N82 seems to be the best device to fit that category, while Apple’s iPhone goes well in the hands of a Media Consumer. For those who need a good keypad for sending text messages and writing emails, the Messaging Freaks, Nokia E90 and HTC Titan || seem to be the best options out there.

The video also has a short review of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Tube) with some pretty impressive handling demonstrations. To see Nokia’s first touchscreen phone in action, just watch the video to the end.