How about an iPhone 5 caught on camera in China? And how about a white model of this knockoff of a handset that hasn’t even been launched in the United States. We’ve seen even an Apple Store getting cloned in China, so the idea of copying products has reached new heights.


A couple of days ago we saw the first knockoff of the iPhone 5 and now there’s already a white model floating out there. The handset looks quite a bit like the iPhone 3GS, especially if you have a look at the curved back. This time we have a video to look at, now only some pictures. Supposedly we have a mere month to wait before the smartphone is announced, but I wouldn’t bet my house on that.

A quick reminder about the phone we’re dealing with here: a Java-based OS device, with dual cameras, WiFi and supposedly 64GB of internal memory. Worst case scenario: this is nothing like the iPhone 5. Best case? Some designs cues are taken, especially the good ones and maybe the screen diagonal size is increased and we’ll see a specs bump. The OS doesn’t even need presentations, since iOS 5 has been the talk of the town this summer…

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