All that’s missing from this mega rivalry is Mickey Rourke and his “Wrestler” act to destroy all of the above mentioned contestants. Joke aside, this comparison was published a couple of days ago by Gizmodo, using Palm’s freshly launched Pre as an excuse to recap what we like and dislike about today’s hottest smartphones.



However, Gizmodo didn’t include Windows Mobile in the comparison, so MobileSpoon added it in the mix and recreated the handset analysis, also including RIM’s BlackBerry. We, at GSM Dome are BlackBerry fans, to tell the truth, but we’ve got to admit that Windows Mobile is probably the die-hard of this group, constantly reinventing itself, pulling a rabbit from the hat and customizing its interface.

And what’s to say about Palm? We loved them back in the nineties and they were dead for the past years, but here they are… launching Palm Pre and ready to take over the market.

Android G1 and the iPhone? Don’t get me started on them… Apple’s device is a toy for rich kids, an overhyped piece of equipment, as is the G1, with the sole difference of the price and the fact that the Android platform really has a future ahead.

[via wmpoweruser]

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