We’ve had the chance to toy with a wireless FM Transmitter, YKO08108, compatible with the iPod/CD/MD/MP3/MP4/PDA/PC and you can check out the video below to witness its features. The device is available here for $7.39 and we have to say that it’s a pretty neat accessory.


Its finish could be better, but the quality of the FM stereo signal is excellent and we’ve tested it from a distance of 20 metres and even with a wall between us and the gadget. Also, the FM transmitter was tested with the HTC Touch HD handset, an Eee PC laptop and an MP3 player and it worked flawlessly.

The device allows the user to preset 3 FM frequencies and the accessory can be used as a watch, if you want it. What puzzled us is the fact that you’ll only turn the transmitter off by pulling out its batteries, since its on/off button only starts/stops the FM transmission.

This is a pretty neat product, specially if you take into account the low price and the quality of its transmission, but its manufacturer could work on solving some issues, before this gets turned into a real hit. Here’s a video showing our test of the device: