Xiaomi recently received a patent for a brand new handset, that seems to sport a flexible/wraparound display of sorts. The patent comes from the State Intellectual Property Office, possibly the one in China and details a new type of device.

Just like previous Samsung or Apple patents, the handset is all screen, with the panel covering up the front side and continuing down the edges, plus the back area. Only a small side split breaks the continuity. We can’t tell if the gear is flexible or not, but it may just be, sort of rotating around the axis of that split. What’s certain is that this model is supposed to be part of the MIX series and it’ll have narrow screen bezels.

The seam may allow the device to split in two and open up like a book, revealing a double screen estate for the unit. This sounds like a reasonable approach, compared to the usual folding format we’ve seen lately, that has several layers of screens overlapped and opening up for a slate of sorts. I guess that MWC may just bring us a prototype, since Xiaomi has started attending international shows like CES now.

via ithome.com

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