It’s early 2017, so it’s recap time, with AnTuTu unveiling the highest performing smartphones of 2016, as far as benchmarks are concerned. The results are pretty predictable, considering the raw power of the iPhone 7 models and the OnePlus 3T, which top the charts.

AnTuTu mentions that it has removed cheating scores, in order to provide more accurate results and we appreciate that. They also introduced a new factor, called score stability, which is a reference factor of the scores in the summary. They also analyzed the so called “Balanced Mode” and “Performance Mode”, that some devices have and kept their performance accurate.

The top 10 smartphones of 2016 in AnTuTu have the iPhone 7 Plus placed first, with 181k points, followed by the iPhone 7, with 172 and the OnePlus 3T with 163 points. Then comes the LeEco Le Pro 3 and the Moto Z, as well as the OnePLus 3. In the iOS devices segment, the iPad Pro 12.9 dominates, placed first, followed by the iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro 9.7 inch.

Predictably the Android top 10 is dominated by OnePlus 3T, then LeEco Le Pro 3 and somehow the Moto Z and then OnePlus 3. I’m shocked to not see Snapdragon 821 models there, like ZenFone 3 Deluxe or Google Pixel XL, but such is the optimization… The big winners here are Apple, Xiaomi and OnePlus, each with two devices in the general top 10.

via AnTuTu