Recently, the Chinese producer Xiaomi announced the launch of new smart devices designed for our home environment. Among these new products we have video-monitoring cameras equipped with a 111-degree wide-angle and 4x zoom lens that are able to offer HD images and to support two-way voice call feature.


We also get a smart lamp that can be turned on just by using our smartphone and tablet, and some other equipments too, like a smart remote control center from where we can set the heat and a smart socket that brings a USB 3.0 port instead the traditional plug output. We get to know that all these device can be pre-ordered starting today.


It remains to see at what prices will be available these new products that offer a taste of how the future could look like. Turning on the light by using your phone or charge your device straight from the USB socket without using a dedicated charger will definitely make our life easier in one way or another.