Among the top Chinese manufacturers, that have come to place their products in the hands of good-old Europe and in the US, Xiaomi is now a more than respectable brand, having a lot to offer in terms of smartphone design and pricing.



After the Xiaomi Mi-2, packing a very well built design and with the all-to powerful Snapdragon S4 Pro  quad-core chip on-board, the manufacturer is rumored to place even greater emphasis on its next model, already branded the Xiaomi Mi-3. The rumored specs for this device are over the high-end standard on the market today so it is expected that it will be available a couple of months from now.

The first photos showing the Xiaomi Mi-3 reveal a metallic design with the usual three capacitive buttons on the front. The screen is said to be 5-inches in size and offers the full HD 1080p pixels resolution. As for the hardware, the device will be based on the all-mighty Snapdragon 800 chip, with a Sony made 13 MP rear camera module and a 3000mAh battery. Previous rumors were talking about the Tegra 4 chip as the one running in the Mi-3.


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