Xiaomi decided to do its own unboxing and review of the Mi Box Mini device, that was launched recently. This one is an Android TV box, priced at $32 and offering some interesting features. Let’s find out the first ideas about it, since we can’t exactly call them impressions, being published internally by the device’s maker.

mi box 4

The product comes inside a discrete red box, with a rectangular form factor and the features written on it. The Mi Box Mini packs a quad core Cortex A7 1.3 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of ROM. It also offers dual band 2.4/5 GHz connectivity via WiFi, DTS and packs a Bluetooth remote in the mix for easier control. There’s Full HD output support and H.265 is available as well.

mi box 1

The main unit of the Mi Box Mini looks and feels like a charger, even integrating the two prongs required to connect to a power outlet. It also offers a HDMI port and its design involves a glossy case and curved corner. The UI offered by this model seems very user-friendly, offering access to a ton of games and apps. There’s no 4K support here, but I guess the box is enough for TV gamers on a budget.

Android TV is the platform of choice here and the device comes in a variety of colors. It brings Dolby acoustics and the required HDMI cable is bundled in the package. All we need now is a cool joystick…

mi box 3

mi box 2

mi box 5

via MIUI

  • Leandro

    I bought one from aliexpress and receive it in Brazil few weeks ago. It is really nice both the device and the remote control. The positive aspects for us, outside China, is finished…
    My device at least is in Chinese only. No setup available to change that to English. Only cumbersome methods to install other launchers or install apps via apk.
    After loosing many hours, I managed to connect to wifi, access my laptop and install netflix (via apk). Another
    disillusion. Important functions in the app are not accessible by the remote (like language, account, chapters navigation).
    As it no longer has a USB slot, it is not possible to use a remote mouse to overcome this limitation. Tried to adopt the wifi/bluetooth mouses app I found and did not manage to be succesful (wip, android remote, remote tablet,…).
    In addition to this issue, netflix streaming presented many tiny bugs during the tests I did. It is not a pause to receive data, it impacts the image refresh, which including gives airsickness.
    If anyone found out any way to overcome that, I would be highly grateful. The intention was to give it to my elderly father, who does not manage to use devices other than remote control to watch TV.