While Xiaomi may be in the affordable smartphone game, it’s not going to enter the area of ultra cheap phones, according to company boss Lei Jun. He posted that message on Weibo, saying Xiaomi won’t sell 60 euro (399 yuan) handsets.


13-3-2015 14-06-44 PM

Xiaomi does have a few very good handsets with prices between 100 and 150 euros, but they almost never drop below 100 euros in price. Rumors were saying that Xiaomi is ready to take the plunge, that’s why Lei Jun took a stand. The CEO claims that the experience and quality of the products is crucial and that can be kept with certain price demands.

It’s clear that Xiaomi has attempted to develop such a phone, but the results were not viable. Better said, the sacrifices made to come up with this phone were so big that they put a dent in Xiaomi’s image. A quick look at the Indian market will reveal at least 3 phone makers willing to sell phones for even less than $50. And some of them don’t even make big sacrifices… but profits? That’s something else…

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