Cortana remains an impressive virtual assistant and although it launched after Google Now and Siri, it quickly surpassed them in both user-friendliness and efficiency. Cortana also gained a lot of hype when it successfully predicted 13 World Cup 2014 matches. Now it’s planning to migrate to iOS and Android.



Right now this solution is only available on Windows Phone devices, but it will also come to Windows 10 and on desktops this fall. The arrival there will also bring a few enhancements, that Microsoft will implement prior to rolling it out to other platforms. Among them there’s the technology coming out of the Einstein project, that’s focused on artificial intelligence.

The main aim with the next update is to have Cortana “read and understand email”, according to Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research. Cortana is the name of the artificial intelligence character in the game series Halo and some day it may become just that, an AI. Speech recognition, search and machine learning will transform Cortana into the very first intelligent assistant, it seems.

Meanwhile, Siri is only equipped to answer requests and Google Now focuses on user behavior prediction.

via thenextweb

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