The Zii Summit is closing in and in case this event doesn’t sound familiar to you, know that it’ll be held on December 1st and 2nd 2009, hosting Creative subsidiary ZiiLabs’ launch of a bunch of new devices. Among them there’s a very hot Zii Android mobile phone to check out.



Zii’s lineup of products is fairly impressive, since it includes a Touch Tablet PC, a web box, a netbook, a 360 multi view camera system, performing speakers, a PC piano keyboard, a portable E-Book reader and a phone. Via said phone, Creative will finally entering the handset market, where it’ll battle giants like Apple, RIM or Palm.

There’s also a bundle of Zii Services associated to the hardware and these are ideal for content and OEM partners, specially when it comes to education and entertainment solutions. The most important service must be ZiiMeet, a next gen video conferencing system, ideal for business men.

Keep in mind that the hardware powered by Zii solutions is able to support 1080p HD video output, OpenGL ES 3D graphics, accelerated video, high quality audio, image processing and accelerated web browsing. Does their handset sound promising or what?

[via mycreativefansite]

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