ZTE wants a piece of the US market, as do all the other companies that want to expand their reach from Asia to other continents. ZTE hasn’t had a long history with smartphones, but they really have ambition here and might conquer a market or two with their low prices.


The president of the American branch of the company, Lixing Cheng reminded everyone that the sales of ZTE devices were up 157% year over year. He sees the USA as the main focus for the future and wants to deliver to this market a line of high end smartphones that competes with products from Motorola, HTC and Samsung.

Huawei is known for also getting the same direction just now, although they’re usually known for telecom equipment and low end devices. However, I have a feeling that both ZTE and Huawei don’t quite have what it takes to take on the giants of the industry, or at least not just yet. They can deliver products for people looking smartphones in the lower end of the portofolio of carriers, but when it comes to top notch designs and latest specs, you’d better go with Samsung and HTC.

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