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iPhone 5 Golden 24 Karat Version, Plated With Gold

If you think that your $199 iPhone 5 is too cheap, you may want to purchase it covered in gold. There’s now a special version from London firm Gold and Co, that offers the new Apple phone beautified with the precious metal. You can see the sparkly customization applied to the device in the following pics.

The British company is famous for such customization and applying gold to the famous gadgets and devices, so the iPhone 5 had it coming. Considering it already sold 5 million units, the product is famous enough to get the gold treatment. Anyway, you should know that the golden iPhone 5 goes for $4600, while the rose gold version goes for $5000. I wonder how the gold application affects the weight and maybe the connectivity of the handset, although the latter could escape unscathed.

The handset is very sparkly and elegant after the treatment and it looks very interesting, with a metallic look that will create some strong reflections on a sunny day. Is it worth spending so much money on an iPhone 5? Maybe, if you’re a football player or Hollywood star…