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Samsung and LG are planning to release new smartphones with flexible displays in September

After last year, both Samsung and LG released on the market devices with curved diplays like the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex, now we find out that according to a report coming from Korea, both these producers are going to release on the market smartphones with flexible displays in September.


While Samsung will adopt the three-sided display technology, is expected that LG will use regular flexible display for smartphones that will feature Quad HD resolution and a 510 ppi pixel density. This korean report also said that LG is looking to compete on the market with its image-quality advantage.

It remains to see how these new devices will be received on the market by users, and at what price will they be sold once available. There’s also a rumor about the fact that Samsung will launch in September two different versions of the Galaxy Note 4 phablet, one with a regular flat screen, and another with a curved/flexible display.