We’re ready to reach the next level in cameraphone technology and since 12 megapixels didn’t seem enough, it seems that two new coprocessors will take it to the 20 megapixel level. The result will be 3G cameraphones with great resolution and Texas Instruments will be making these processors.


The new technology will also provide support for 720p high definition video recording and we found out that coprocessors will be part of the OMAP-DM5x family, the OMAP-DM515 and OMAP-DM525 models to be more precise. They will accelerate imaging and video performance, with the DM515 model providing 12 megapixel imaging, while the DM525 will support 20 megapixel imaging capabilities.

While the first coprocessor is available now, the 20MP one will probably be ready for commercial use in 2010. Among the features of the upcoming cameraphones sporting this technology we must mention: quality imaging, smart lighting, face tracking, auto scene detection, TV out support and tons of application processor solutions.

[via 3g.co.uk]

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