Yes, it’s true that someone at Best Buy’s marketing section has made a big boo-boo, but how about a future 3D Facebook Phone? The leaflet shown below includes the hottest and latest products from Best Buy, with a mystery HTC Status 3D appearing in there. Of course, there’s a mere mistake and the 3D from the HTC EVO 3D simply got carried to the column nearby.


HTC Status, or ChaCha as it’s called in some parts of the globe is a Facebook phone with a below 3 inch display, so the 3D wouldn’t exactly look good on it. Actually, some apps even require you to turn the handset to 90 degrees in order to get a decent experience with it, so no 3D here, thanks. However, considering that Vodafone, INQ, HTC and Motorola are all producing Facebook phones, a 3D model is bound to pop up at some point.

With the 3D TVs and displays getting lower and lower prices, we’re heading for an age where everything will be 3D, including your photo galleries on Facebook, so why not combine these features on a single smartphone. I wonder if Best Buy will withdraw this catalog from the market or simply issue a correction on its website of via email…

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