A recent study made by Transpera, a mobile video delivering network has shown that 62% of mobile video users would rather use a mobile phone for web browsing, instead of a PC. The percentage goes down to 9% in the case of non-mobile video viewers.


The same study shows that 78% of the mobile video users get their latest updates via mobile, while only 19% of those who have never viewed mobile video are up to date on the go. Such statistics are great for advertisers, who can target their public more accurately and deliver digital and real products with more ease.

It’s interesting to mention that 60% of avid mobile video users are male and that 75% of the same mobile video fans eat out of the home 2 or more times a week. The percentage goes down to 47%, for those who don’t watch mobile video. Also, 59% of avid mobile video users have slept at least 5 nights in a hotel in the last year, another statistic that can be speculated by advertisers.

The mobile segment is a great way for marketers to connect with their customers, specially with savvy users, who are keen on intensive mobile usage, either for video or other purposes.

[via Cellular News]