Acer is offering its customers a GPS navigation application and don’t imagine they’re alone in this, since they’re partnering up with TomTom and TripAdvisor. The software will be free for the people who purchase Acer products.



The app is called AcerNAV and is meant for the Liquid range of smartphones. Since the app also involved TripAdvisor, it will also show interesting places you come across in your travels. The maps will be downloadable for the whole of Europe and some Southeast Asian countries. The software offers a 3D view, as well as 2D viewing for guidance and the database also includes an information index, as well as notes for institutions or hotel reviews, as well as ones for restaurants all over the world.

To get the app started, AcerNAV will be offered for free on handsets like Liquid Jade, Liquid Z500 and E700. An update is also prepared for November and future releases will bring options like Real Time Traffic, Speed Camera and live alerts regarding various fixed speed cameras.

via frandroid

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