It would be a pity for a super strong Caterpillar phone not to have a matching battery, right? That’s why the tough Caterpillar Cat B15Q phone got a brand new battery from Mugen, with an impressive 4100 mAh capacity. This KitKat phone now has a massive battery for its power needs.



This is an extended battery, that offers double the battery life from before. The product is a Li-Ion unit, with a 3.7v voltage and an $89.50 price tag. Mugen Power’s product comes with worldwide express shipping, battery performance and reliability and it comes with an accessible battery door. Apparently, a survey among 3500 phone users in UK, US, Germany and UAE reports that the long lasting battery is a major factor for people who buy a new phone.

The full name of the new battery is HLI-B15QXL Mugen Power 4100 mAh Extended Barry for Caterpillar Cat B15Q and it can be bought from here. It can last you 20+ hours, or even whole weekends, depending on your usage patterns. We’d certainly like to see such batteries on flagships, right?

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