Looking for a hot Calendar app, to sort out your business meetings? Calendar Touch might be the solution, SBHS’ fresh software being more than just an upgrade from the good old Papyrus. This is a finger friendly app we’re talking about, with gesture support and the possibility of using swipes and many other finger motions while touching the screen.


This platform allows the user to access many useful functions, without having to use a stylus and there’s also a pretty complex settings menu with the following options: General, Daily, List, Weekly, Monthly, Tasks, Calendar Tasks, Colors, and Register. Using these, you’ll tweak the way your data is shown on screen.

In Calendar Touch you’ll also appreciate a pop-up feature, that magnifies an area you need to look closely at, zooming in on a particular day in your calendar, if you want to. SBSH have also made available PocketBreeze, a PIM app that complements Calendar Touch and integrates with it. The latter can be tried for free and purchased for $24.95 from here, while PocketBreeze costs $19.95.

[via mobilitysite]

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