Amazon was elegant enough to somehow let slip its prized smartphone to the folks of BGR, who took some shots of the device, shown below. Obviously, it’s still in its special hiding case, that covers its real design. Till that’s revealed I have to say it looks a bit like a Lumia…



This product has spent years in development and it has achieved legendary status already. Amazon wants to make this a 3D-focused smartphone with no less than 6 cameras included and midrange specs apparently. This is only one of the two phones that Amazon is preparing for this year, with the other one being a lower end unit with affordable price.


The bigshot will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and 2 GB of RAM, plus it will obviously run a custom version of Android similar to the one on Amazon tablets. Sources say that this unit measures 4.7 inches in diagonal, so it’s a bit smaller than recent flagships from Samsung or HTC. It also has a 720p resolution and no less than 6 cameras.

There are 4 front cameras that will work with sensors in order to trigger 3D interface effects. There’s a 13 megapixel back camera and that’s pretty much it on the hardware front. The UI will be totally 3D and very cool, from what we’ve heard. Items will be repositioned on the screen, depending on where you’re looking.

Does this sound impressive to you or what?


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