Samsung Mobile UK has just announced that it has started offering Froyo updates for Samsung handsets. All users will get their share of the update by the end of the month, it seems and this timeline reminds us of the Motorola Android 2.1 launch on the Backflip model. We’re not yet sure if the Froyo release is limited to the UK or the whole world, but we hope it’s the latter.


Froyo brings nifty features to Samsung handsets, like the mobile WiFi hotspot feature, Flash 10.1 support, moving applications to the microSD card and enhancements to the camera and photo gallery. You’ll also be able to perform a lot of optimizations to make the devices run smoothly.

The most important Samsung Android phone in the UK right now is the Galaxy S I9000, that is supposed to receive the Wi-Fi Direct function with this update. The feature enables Wi-Fi sending and receiving, without the need of a hub. Last we heard Froyo was hitting the Galaxy S on November 11th, but delays are to be expected, or perhaps an earlier release?

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