Android 2.2 Froyo is now available for download on HTC Desire and it’s a free download we’re talking about. Last we heard, HTC was getting ready to release Froyo for Desire in August 2010, but apparently we got it earlier, thanks to the work of developers.


This is not an official release, it seems, but it appears to be as similar as it gets to the official software. The Android 2.2 update on HTC handsets is one of the most awaited upgrades till now and kudos should go to udk_dev, for his work on this. Here’s what the ROM should spell for you: “[Froyo] DJ DROID v1.0-R1 BETA – with HTC Sense – HD 720p – base 2.04”.

This is version FRF-85B we’re dealing with, supporting 720p video recording, Native APP2SD, app sharing, car panel, torcia and WiFi hotspot features. Instructions on how to install the software can be found here and you can download Froyo for Desire from here.

[via techtechies]

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