While Nokia’s N8 might not be the shiniest piece of gadgetry when it comes to looks or software, it does one hell of a job when taking pictures. A recent article on Nokia Conversations is a testimony of the Finns’ desire to reach perfection in the mobile imaging segment, looking to get only natural looking photos out of its products.


The N8 is supposed to produce images that are close to what the human eye sees, without the artificial tricks used by digital cameras to fool the user. An example is the pic above, with the N8 shot being the one on the right. It’s a natural picture, with great colours and brilliant details… just look at the stones.

Next up, there’s the pretty butterfly below, in a shot taken at full 12MP, with a 4000 x 3000 pixel resolution, ISO 100 and Exposure 1/397. What’s important to mention is that this photo was taken with an N8 that was still in preproduction phase, so it can do even better than that.

Now, if you crop the image you get something like the following two images, with INCREDIBLE details. And this is a phone we’re talking about… Each pixel is usable and this is a real 12 megapixel shot.

[via mynokiablog]

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