Keep your eyes wide open for some hot Android 3.0-related info coming next week, maybe screenshots, maybe some details about the platform’s features, as the operating system’s SDK will debut in a couple of days or so. Rumor has it that the Gingerbread SDK will drop next week, but some say the version number might as well be a mere upgrade from Froyo – Android 2.5.


Access to the latest Android SDK means we’ll find out interesting stuff like the new API calls showing the OS features and see an emulator in action for details concerning the looks of the stock Android 3.0. Since Froyo was announced on May 20th of this year and Android has a rollout cycle of 6 months, we’re getting pretty close to its release.

However, the rollout could take a while, since not all handset makers will be ready at once, so the updates could drag into 2011. The arrival of Android 3.0 means that a bunch of tablets will also pop up, since there are some nifty devices that big companies have been holding back, waiting for Gingerbread to launch.

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