We’ve just found out that after the delay of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime from this week, Samsung and Google will make up for the event supposed to go down Tuesday by taking the wraps off the new Android on October 18th. The show will take place on October 18th at 10 PM ET, that makes it October 19 in Hong Kong, the place where the event will be hosted.


What’s really interesting here is that Verizon and Motorola have a big event on the same date, most likely meant to announce the Droid RAZR and maybe a new Xoom tablet or two. As far as the Hong Kong Ice Cream Sandwich unveiling goes, Google is ready to fire on all cannons and it has already placed the symbol of the new Android on its lawn, as mentioned in this tweet, resulting in the image posted above.

What we’ll see in a couple of days is most likely a presentation of Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime, the 4.65 inch 720p display smartphone with LTE, a curved glass display, 1GB of RAM and a dual core 1.2GHz TI OMAP CPU. Which one will you be more interested in: Droid RAZR or Nexus Prime? Meanwhile, know that the event will be live streamed on Android’s YouTube channel.

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