Thanks to a recent study and set of statistics from BlueStacks the portrait of an average Mr. Android was created. This is supposed to be the way the majority of Android users look like, according to data from Nielsen and a recent Facebook poll. As you might have figured out, Mr. Android is a guy and there’s a 37% chance he’s wearing glasses.

The odds are 62% that Mr. Android has a girl/wife and 51% that this guy has average length hair. 47% of Android users have black hair, 27% are european, 28% asian and 36% american. 30% of the people who rely on Android for their daily duties have freckles and the funniest item on the list is the fact that 18% of these people have unusually large heads. Strangely enough, tablets aren’t as popular as expected, with only 9% of the Android folks owning an Android tablet but not a phone.

62% of the Android guys wear jeans, 41% wear sneakers and on average their data usage is 582MB. And now I’m curios to see what a Mr. iOS looks like, but I can bet he wears a hoodie, has the earbuds from his iDevice in the ears at all time, has some sort of trendy coiffure and owns a MacBook.

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