Apple and Samsung have been battling it out in court for almost two years now and their duel may have reached an end. US District Judge Lucy Koh has just sent Apple and Samsung representatives to a magistrate, who will mediate talks between the companies. They’ve agreed to the mediation, that will also involve the two CEOs, Tim Cook from Apple and Choi Gee-sung of Samsung.


The order requires the companies to meet within 90 days to discuss the settlement and if that doesn’t solve the problems, they will submit a streamlined version of claims and defenses. The scandal began when Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone design and then Samsung sued back, saying that Apple is violating some of its precious patents. Ever since then the Galaxy Tab series of tablets has suffered a lot, being accused of copying the iPad and some of its models being banned in Germany and Australia. The Aussie ban was lifted quickly, though…

Of course, the settlement could still end bad, but with Tim Cook being so elegant about these matters, I guess they’ll reach an agreement. Also, I have a feeling Samsung would want to get on Apple’s good side, now that the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming next month and they don’t need any bad publicity surrounding it.

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