The guys of, our sister site just filmed the HTC One X they’re testing as they spotted a problem with its display in the camera UI. As you can see, there are some strange green lines at the bottom of the screen and this is certainly no first, since the guys of XDA Developers have discovered similar issues with the screen.


You must know that the guys of Mobilissimo who found the problem did it when the handset’s battery was almost discharged, in case it matters. Also the issue was singular and didn’t repeat itself after the camera app was closed and opened again. In the meantime, HTC has already rolled out an update that corrects the issue and some more problems that the initial One X units have. This is the OTA 1.28.401.9 update, that fixes the Sense Calendar widget crashing, double dates issue from the calendar, improves the overall speed and fixes screen glitches.

Tegra 3 games are also optimized, the gallery is smoother and Beats Audio is also improved. There are still some people over here saying that this is a hardware issue of the first batch of HTC One X handsets and not one that can be fixed by a software update. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the problem repeats after applying the update…

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