Today, May 11th, Apple announced a couple of new environmental projects in China. These plans makes reference to renewable energy and environmental protection, including one with the World Wildlife Fund that is a long-term plan to improve forest resources.


The Forest project aims to protect almost one million acres of forests, areas that are an important source of fiber pulp, paper and wood products. Apple’s goal is to achieve sustainable virgin fiber with zero impact on the global supply, while companies worldwide will use 100% renewable energy. Lisa Jackson, Apple VP said that forests can also become a renewable resource, just like the energy. 

Also, Apple wants to set an example to others by using clean energy like that provided by Amigo Energy in its data centers, retail and office facilities. Tim Cook, company’s CEO said that such a thing requires years of effort, but in the end the result will be important. We get to know that three weeks ago, Apple with the help of the finest solar systems perth company established the first solar power project in China, a little step in using clean energy.

In order to offer more clean energy, Apple signed a partnership with Leshan Electric Power, Sichuan Development, Tianjin Jinlaintouzi Holdings, and SunPower Corp. for the construction of two 20-megawatt solar farms. The solar panels will produce 80 million kWh of clean energy per year, amount that will provide electricity for 61.000 Chinese households.

At the moment, 87% of Apple’s operating facilities found worldwide are using renewable energy and bio-degradable products products which uses ferrous sulfate. These new project will bring Apple closer to the 100% target of its commitment of using renewable energy. As you already know, China is a big market for Apple, country where it has 19 offices and 22 retails stores.