Remember the patent infringement lawsuit that Samsung started against Apple at some point, on account of wireless standards? Well, the 3G/UMTS-based trial resulted in the South Koreans getting defeated, with one of the 7 patent infringement claims being rejected. Also, Apple suddenly decided to attack the Galaxy Nexus model, on account of yet another patent…

I’m talking about the “slide to unlock” tehnology, that bothers Apple each time it’s used on the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone. This is the first time that the iPhone creator messes with one of Google’s own Nexus phones, that will probably prompt the search engine giant to also get involded in the dispute. This is a reference device for the entire Android ecosystem and it’s more of a war statement than anything else, if you ask me. The whole situation between Apple and Samsung/Google continues to escalate and Steve Jobs wasn’t far off when he promised “thermonuclear war” against Android.

The problem is that Google now have Motorola on their side and HTC is in an aggressive mood, also battling Apple in courts. Samsung has already had a year full of lawsuits and some product bans, so it’s more cautious, but what about the rest of the partners? Sony Ericsson seem to be pretty chilled out about this, just like LG, for example. When will they attack for the mothership Google?

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