While counting down to MWC 2012, we keep seeing tons of new Sony handsets leaking out every day. We’ve also seen a full roadmap of Sony’s devices getting leaked, together with prices and launch time frames. Now’s the turn of yet another familiar face to pop up in pictures, the Sony ST25i Kumquat.


This device with a fruit name resembles the Xperia S and rumored Nypon unit quite a bit, especially in the lower side, with that lit up ring around the base. Kumquat was mentioned as coming in April in the infamous roadmap and you must know that it also goes by the codename ST25i and that it recently appeared in some benchmarks. The problem with the Sony leaks is that all devices seem to look alike and Xperia Blog thought initially that the images here actually show the LT22i Nypon, another new model coming in April.

It surely looks like the previously leaked shots of Nypon, that’s certain. Well, the same bloggers figured out that this is not the Nypon by measuring the size of the on screen elements to get an idea on the device’s resolution. The time and phone status icons are a big larger in the image above (Kumquat), than the ones of the Nypon (image below). The latter has a qHD display, while the Kumquat has a FWVGA one, so that’s why there’s a difference. Well, they could still be wrong, but only MWC will give us the final answer…

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