Samsung has just unveiled two new handsets, but don’t expect any top notch units here, instead some average handsets : Samsung Star 3 and Star 3 DUOS. The latter is a dual SIM model, but other than that the specifications are exactly the same. And here’s what the devices look like:


Star 3 and Star 3 DUOS come with a 3 inch QVGA display, a 3 megapixel camera, a microSD card slot and the TouchWiz UI as the main… platform so to say. There’s no trace of Android here, in case you were hoping for that. These are basic phones with EDGE connectivity, so no 3G and not even GPS for you. Both models should pop up at the end of the current month starting with the Russian market and then taking over the rest of the world. No info on the price, but I suspect it will be less than $200, if you ask me.

With all these dual SIM handsets out there with average features, what is the decisive factor when purchasing one? Is it the price, the brand, the hardware quality or design?

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