Apple has received a ton of patents lately, but most of them were for phones or tablets, or maybe even accessories. Well, today they get two design patents for their Apple Store in Zhongjie Joy city, in China.



Over the years, the Cupertino company received patents for the likes of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City, as well as the one in Shanghai. The company even patented the glass staircase used in its stores, as well as other components. Also, they recently got no less than 8 design patents for the Apple Store in West Lake China.

The Zhongjie Joy City Store was opened on March 4th 2015, with great enthusiasm and a pretty big crowd in front of it. The building has glass walls, two stories and a couple of main pillars to support it. The usual wooden tables are here, as well as great lighting from both panels with products and overhead neons.

via patentlyapple

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